Marrowstone Marine Field Station (MMFS)


Within the Northwest Region of the USGS the Marrowstone Marine Field Station (MMFS) represents the exclusive marine/seawater-based research facility. The availability and delivery of exceptionally high quality seawater represents one of the finest operational attributes of the MMFS, a result of the facility’s ideal location along the northwestern shore of Puget Sound. Basic and applied research at the MMFS is directed towards understanding ecological processes that impact marine ecosystem health.

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Spotlight on Research

Ecology of Marine Diseases

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MMFS Publications

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Date published: March 20, 2018

Western Fisheries Science News, January 2018 | Issue 6.1

Researching Pacific Herring in Alaska’s Prince William Sound

Date published: October 8, 2016

Western Fisheries Science News, September 2016 | Issue 4.9

Understanding Disease Outbreaks in Populations of Wild Marine Fishes


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Year Published: 2021

Novel diagnostic tests for the putative agent of bacterial gill disease in Pacific razor clams (Siliqua patula)

Nuclear inclusion X (NIX) is a gamma proteobacteria that infects the nuclei of gill epithelial cells in Pacific razor clams. NIX has been associated with clam die-offs in coastal Washington. A quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay was developed to detect NIX in Pacific razor clams, and assay specificity was confirmed by chromogenic in situ...

Travis, Brooke A; Batts, William N.; Groner, Maya; Hershberger, Paul; Fradkin, Steven C.; Conway, Carla M.; Park, Linda; Purcell, Maureen K.

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Year Published: 2020

Anadromous coastal cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii as a host for Argulus pugettensis (Crustacea, Branchiura): Parasite prevalence, intensity and distribution

Coastal cutthroat trout [Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii (Richardson, 1836)] from the marine waters of Puget Sound, WA, was documented as a new host for the ectoparasite Argulus pugettensis (Dana, 1852). The prevalence of A. pugettensis was 66% (49 of 74) on cutthroat trout and 0% (0 of 55) on coho salmon [O. kisutch (...

Losee, James P; Jones, Simon R M; McKinstry, Caitlin A E; Batts, William N.; Hershberger, Paul

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Year Published: 2020

Pacific herring Clupea pallasii are not susceptible to vibriosis from Vibrio anguillarum or V. ordalii under laboratory conditions

The ubiquity of Vibrio spp. throughout the coastal marine waters of the Pacific Northwest of North America raises questions about the susceptibility of native marine fishes, including Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii). Early reports of Vibriolike disease (Rucker et al., 1954; Walford, 1958) and Vibrio sp. isolations (Pacha & Kiehn, 1969) in...

Hershberger, Paul; Stinson, M.E.T; Hall, Brenda L; Mackenzie, Ashley; Gregg, Jacob L.; Richards, William August; Winton, James