Applied Landscape Ecology and Remote Sensing

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We focus on landscape studies of natural and working lands, in particular coastal and inland wetlands and rangelands. We quantify ecosystem benefits, find areas vulnerable to future change, and identify potential for climate mitigation and resilience. We conduct research by scaling field measurements to the regional, state and national scale with remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and modeling. We emphasize the use of open data and open source software to aid tool development for decision makers. All projects include outreach to land managers to support conservation and restoration planning and land management.

aerial image

AVIRIS image of Rush Ranch, Suisun Marsh, CA (Credit: Kristin Byrd, USGS. Public domain.)

Detailed webpages for research listed below are under the Related Science tab or click the underlined links. 

Coastal Wetland Blue Carbon - National remote sensing of carbon stocks for greenhouse gas inventories and local management 


Ecological Forecasting - Remote sensing and modeling of dynamic habitats to support short and long-term conservation planning 


Rangeland Ecosystem Services - Landscape-scale assessments of opportunities for and risks to ecological benefits of rangelands