EcoFlows: Understanding Streamflow Dynamics in Small Mountain Streams

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The WY-MT WSC is collaborating with the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center to understand the dynamics of streamflows in small, mountain streams during the course of the year, and to describe the amount of variability associated with those measurments. These findings will assist fisheries biologists who are researching temperature and streamflow effects on cutthroat trout and will help hydrologists describe drivers of streamflows in these streams, where few annual streamflow data are collected.

Three watersheds (basins) in Wyoming and Montana are being studied. Each watershed has two new, nested streamgages; one streamgage describes outflows from a smaller draingage basin that feeds to the larger drainage where the second streamgage is located.  The drainage areas for the streamgages range from about 5 square miles to 75 square miles. 

Links to all new streamgages found below:

South Fork Spread Creek near Moran (13012475) streamgage

South Fork Spread Creek near Moran (13012475) streamgage

(Credit: Cheryl Eddy Miller, USGS. Public domain.)

Spread Creek Drainage:

Leidy Creek and South Fork Spread Creek

Shields River Drainage:

Dugout Creek and Shields River

Flathead Drainage:

Hallowat Creek and Big Creek


In additon to the streamgages, streamflow data are collected thoughout the year at additional sites to help describe the basin hydrology. Data and Tools provides links to streamflow data for all sites in each basin.