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Data Return Policy

1. All thin sections, analytical data, and/or other products derived from sampling of the CRC collection must be submitted within six months from the date of sampling. If analysis is not performed, the samples must be returned. In addition, the CRC staff reserves the right to prohibit future sampling until data are submitted, properly labeled and formatted in accordance with these policies.

2. Data produced using non-destructive methods on CRC materials must be submitted within six months from the date of analysis.

3. All data that are submitted to the CRC will be made publicly available via the CRC website. No confidential holds will be placed on data generated from samples taken at the CRC. Data files must be submitted ready for public viewing. The submitter is responsible for removing any identifying information contained in the file. The CRC is not responsible for removing or adding information which could identify the submitter. If the submitter wishes to be acknowledged, a citation referencing the works where this data appeared may be included with the data. Raw data resulting from testing on public CRC materials becomes public data. The CRC is not responsible for enforcing any desired acknowledgements.

4. Returned Data Protocol:

    4.1. All data must be submitted in digital form. Small files may be emailed, large files (greater than 5mb) must be sent on a data CD or DVD.

    4.2. If data are from multiple wells, data for each well must be submitted in its own file.

    4.3. Numerical data must be submitted in a table format with properly labeled columns and rows. The CRC library number and the sample depth must be included for each entry in the table.

    4.4. Font size must be equal to or greater than 12 point.

    4.5. A key must be provided to explain all abbreviations; the type of analysis and equipment used should be reported.

    4.6. Data files must be in “*.xls” format and include columns containing the CRC library number, operator, well name, depth and analytical results.

    4.7. Accompanying text, if provided, must be in “*.doc” format.

    4.8. Graphs must be clearly labeled with CRC library numbers, sample depths and type of analyses completed. Graphs may be part of an “*.xls” file or in a separate file in pdf, jpeg, or tiff format.

    4.9. SEM photos and photomicrographs must be clearly labeled with CRC library number, depth and scale. These need to be in pdf, jpeg, or tiff format.

    4.10. Thin sections must be marked with CRC library number, operator, well name and depth.

5. For companies involved in mergers or acquisitions, the new/parent company is responsible for submitting the data to the CRC in a timely manner. Companies are responsible for returning unused material, data, or thin sections from samples collected by former employees. Professors should make sure that their students have submitted all data and/or thin sections to the CRC. The CRC reserves the right to restrict additional viewing or sampling by affiliates of the company or school until all outstanding unused material, thin sections, or data have been returned/submitted.