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Collection Accession Policy

1. CRC staff will verify that core and/or cuttings are unique and/or desirable for addition to the CRC collection.

2. Core and cuttings submittal:

    2.1. All core submitted must have all missing intervals over one foot documented on the well information form. Cores with many missing intervals will not be accepted even if they are unique.

   2.2. All cuttings submitted must be washed; intervals must be in envelopes labeled with depths. Again, unwashed cuttings will not be accepted.

   2.3. All donated cores or cuttings must have the well name, operator, county, state and depths on every box. Depths on the boxes must be specific to the core/cuttings in that box.

3. All blanks on the Well Information form and the Transmittal Agreement must be filled in for the core/cuttings to be considered. The Well Information Form and the Transmittal Agreement form are available on the CRC Web site.

4. Once core and/or cuttings have been donated for the General Collection, they are considered property of the CRC and no special rights will be accorded to the donor.

5. Prior to submitting cores and/or cuttings to the CRC, a completed Transmittal Agreement and Well Information form must be signed by a CRC staff member and the individual submitting the samples for each well.