NGGDPP 2010 State Geological Survey Grants


State Institution Title  Funding Amount
AK State of Alaska Rescue for Alaska's Geological Collections $33,685.00
AL Geological Survey ofAlabama Continuation of Metadata Development and Conversion of Paper Geologic Maps to Digital Format $26,340.00
AZ Arizona Geological Survey AZ Geoscience Information Network (AZGIN), Phase III, Digital Infrastructure $32,888.00
CA CA Dept. of Conservation Collection Inventory and Data Preservation for the California Geological Survey $19,522.00
IA Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Digital Infrastructure and Metadata for Geologic Collections, SC Iowa $19,968.00
ID University of Idaho Data Preservation 4 $37,792.00
IL University of Illinois Preservation of Geologic Data and Collections in Illinois: Compilation, Documentation, and Planning FY10 $24,782.00
IN The Trustees of Indiana University Indiana Data Preservation Program 2010 $26,046.00
KY University of Kentucky Research Foundation National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation for Kentucky Sites $20,260.00
LA Louisiana State University and A&M College Inventory and Digital Infrastructure of Historic Louisiana Geological Map Data $27,986.00
MD Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources Metadata Creation for Five of the Maryland Geological Survey's Collections $15,519.00
MT Montana Tech of the University of Montana FY 2010 National Geological & Geophysical Data Preservation Program: MT Bureau of Mines and Geology $48,312.00
NH New Hampshire Geological Survey New Hampshire Geologic Data Preservation $32,945.00
NJ New Jersey Dept. ofEnvironmental Protection 2010 NJGS Geoscientific Data Preservation Project $26,759.00
NM New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Population of National Geological and Geophysical Data Catalog with New Mexico Data and Development of Digital Data Infrastructure (Year 3) $30,817.00
NY New York State Education Dept. Convert New York State Geological Survey Open File Paper Maps and Data to Digital Format for Preservation and Access $23,892.00
OH Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources Inventory, Metadata, and Preliminary Digital Infrastructure Development for selected Ohio Division of Geological Survey Sample and Paper Collections $17,075.00
OK University of Oklahoma Development of Metadata for a Portion of Mud Logs at the Oklahoma Geological Survey $11,710.00
SC South Carolina Dept. ofNatural Resources Development of a Drill-Log Database by the South Carolina Geological Survey $23,471.00
TN Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation Continuation of Metadata Development for Geological Data Collections at the Tennessee Division of Geology and Special Needs Award Request for Core Preservation $15,043.00
UT Utah Geological Survey UGS FY2010 Geologic Data Preservation Project $44,563.00
VA Virginia Dept. of Mines, Minerals, and Energy Virginia Geologic Information Catalog $29,696.00
WA Washington State Dept. ofNatural Resources Paper-to-Digital Conversion, Metadata, and Database Development for Subsurface Data in Washington $24,974.00
WI University of Wisconsin From Acquisition to Access: Adding to the Online Collection Inventory, Creating Metadata for the National Digital Catalog, and Addressing Digital Infrastructure Needs for WGNHS Research Collections $23,721.00
  Total $637,766.00

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