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Date published: June 9, 2021

NHD Missing Geometric Network and NHDFlow Table Information

// RESOLVED // Update 6/21/2021: This issue has been resolved. USGS has replaced the HU4 and HU8 NHD downloadable datasets produced in June 2021 that were missing geometric network and did not have the NHDFlow table populated. The corrected datasets all contain the geometric network and the NHDFlow table is populated.

Please report any further issues to ...

April 15, 2021

National Hydrography Dataset Newsletter March/April 2021 - Vol. 20 | Issue 2/3

We're excited to share information on new open-source projects using NHDPlus datasets, as well as general updates. Also, please see important information on necessary data check-ins for stewards, updating tools to ArcGIS 10.7.1 versions, and errors in NHD downloadable datasets in March (including how to get corrected data!).

~ Enjoy!

Date published: April 15, 2021

NHD Data Download Errors and NHDPlus HR Spatial Index Issues

USGS has discovered issues with certain National Hydrography Dataset products generated between 3/01/2021 and 3/16/2021, and a spatial index issue related to some NHDPlus HR file geodatabases.

Date published: April 14, 2021

National Hydrography Meetings and Trainings

Meetings and Trainings through May 2021

Date published: April 14, 2021

New Open-Source Projects Using NHDPlus

Two new open-source projects, Xstrm and FCPGtools, have been released that provide functionality based on versions of the NHDPlus. Both projects provide tools to summarize landscape characteristics using the older NHDPlus V2, and also will work with NHDPlus HR. Both projects are Python-based, and work on Linux-based High Performance Computing platforms and on Windows systems.

Date published: April 14, 2021

Temporary NHD and WBD Maintenance Shutdown and Hydrography Tools Updates

NHD and WBD maintenance operations will be shutdown from close of business April 23rd to May 9th. 

Additionally, USGS will be releasing updated versions of all Hydrography tools during this time. Check-outs beginning May 10 will use the ArcGIS 10.7.1 compatible tools.

Date published: April 14, 2021

National Hydrography General Updates

National Hydrography General Updates 

February 24, 2021

National Hydrography Dataset Newsletter Jan/Feb 2021 - Vol. 20 | Issue 1/2

In 2021, we celebrate 20 years of NHD Newsletters! Read more about this and other happenings below.

Also check out the National Hydrography website, USGS YouTube Channel NHD Playlist, and follow The National Map on Twitter - @USGSTNM 

Newsletter subsription information: General Listserv Information Page or at

Date published: February 24, 2021

National Hydrography Meetings and Trainings

Meetings and Trainings through March 2021

Date published: February 24, 2021

USGS and NSGIC Coordinate on EDH for 3DNHD Project

The NSGIC/USGS Elevation-Derived Hydrography for the 3D National Hydrography Dataset (EDH for 3DNHD) project has kicked off with a series of webinars intended to explore state and regional EDH activities and to derive critical factors affecting the development of EDH and the integration of those data into the National Hydrography Dataset.

Date published: February 24, 2021

20 Years of Hydro News

This year we mark 20 years of National Hydrography Dataset Newsletters! Jeff Simley distributed the first NHD Newsletter in November 2001. To celebrate how far we’ve come over this time, we’ll be sharing snapshots of our progress throughout the years in upcoming newsletters.

Date published: February 24, 2021

Markup Reviewer Troubleshooting Tips

The Markup Reviewer tool is used by Stewards to review suggested changes to the NHD, WBD, and NHDPlus HR that are submitted through the Markup Application. For more information on suggesting changes to datasets through the Markup Application, please visit the...