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September 22, 2021

National Hydrography Dataset Newsletter July/August - Vol. 20 | Issue 7/8

Welcome Readers,

We have big news in this issue with the retirement of Al Rea - he will be missed!

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Date published: September 21, 2021

Downloadable Hydrography Products Folder Structure – Upcoming Changes

USGS is changing the folder structure of NHD and NHDPlus HR products that are available as downloadable products. Changes to the Staged Products folder structure are necessary to support additional hydrography products and product versions for NHDPlus HR and a future GeoPackage file format that’s currently in development. 

Date published: September 21, 2021

NHD 2.31 and WBD 2.31 Data Models Released – Note Case Changes

NHD 2.31 and WBD 2.31 data models have been released. Please note python code snippet changes.

Date published: September 16, 2021

Compare Tool Retirement 

Vector Compare will be retired from active maintenance in 2022, but will continue to be available without improvements at...

Date published: September 16, 2021

Southeast Texas Flood Coordination Study (SETxFCS)

Southeast Texas has experienced flooding severe enough for presidential disaster declarations five times in the last six years.

Date published: September 16, 2021

NHD Downloadable Products Issue

HU4 and HU8 level NHD downloadable products are regenerating more slowly than normal.

Date published: September 16, 2021

NHD Waterbodies Potentially Resolvable from LANDSAT

A new data release, "Potentially Resolvable National Hydrography Dataset Waterbodies and Flowlines from Landsat Images in the United States (excluding Alaska)," is now available on ScienceBase.

Date published: September 16, 2021

LAGOS-US Research Platform

A new major research program for the interdisciplinary, continental-scale study of lakes through time, called LAGOS (Spanish for lakes), has been released.

Date published: September 16, 2021

NHD and WBD Update Tool Transfer to Globus 

Recently the USGS required the WBD and NHD Update Tools to transition to a new data transfer solution to increase network security. FTP has been replaced by Globus, a software-as-a-service system which uses GridFTP to transfer data. GridFTP is similar to FTP in that it uses a two-channel protocol to transfer data.

Date published: September 16, 2021

Al Rea Retires

We would like to take a moment to thank Al for his many years of leadership in Federal service working tirelessly to improve water data for the Nation. Al's contributions are too numerous to detail here, but they will live on for decades to come. It has been our pleasure to work with such a knowlegeable, visionary, and thoughful person. You will be missed!

~ The USGS Hydro Team

Date published: September 16, 2021

National Hydrography Meetings and Trainings

Meetings and Trainings through October 2021

Date published: July 9, 2021

WBD HU4 0109 Massachusetts-Rhode Island Coastal Updates

The Watershed Boundary Dataset has been updated in several areas along the Massachusetts and Rhode Island coast. Updates for this area are included in the latest version of the WBD data available via the National Hydrography Dataset website.