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DevOpp's April 2022 Geography Quiz Key

Answer key and sources for DevOpp's April 2022 geography quiz. 

1. The Missouri River joins the Mississippi River in which city?

B: St. Louis, MO

2. Located in Lake Superior, Isle Royale National Park is located in which state?

A: Michigan

3. Which of the following national parks is located in Texas?

D: Big Bend

4. Which of the following cities is located in the Tennessee River Basin?

D: Huntsville, AL

5. Which of the following rivers flows through Wichita, Kansas?

A: Arkansas River

6. Which of the following is the largest lake in Florida?

C: Lake Okeechobee

7. The Badlands and Wind Cave National Parks are located in which state?

D: South Dakota

8. Lake of the Woods, shared with the Canadian States of Ontario and Manitoba, is located in which state?

A: Minnesota

9. Which of the following is NOT located in Utah?

B: Great Sand Dunes National Park

10. Which river forms the border between Kentucky and Indiana?

B: The Ohio River