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DevOpp's Geography Quiz April 2022

A couple months ago, TNMCorps volunteer DevOpp reached out to pitch the idea of a geography quiz for our newsletter. While not specifically structures-related, we agreed that it would be a fun way for the TNMCorps community to test their general knowledge of US geography! We hope you enjoy this slight diversion from our usual content!

1. The Missouri River joins the Mississippi River in which city?

A: Kansas City, MO

B: St. Louis, MO

C: Dubuque, IA

D: Little Rock, AR

2. Located in Lake Superior, Isle Royale National Park is located in which state?

A: Michigan

B: Wisconsin

C: Illinois

D: Minnesota

3. Which of the following national parks is located in Texas?

A: Carlsbad Caverns

B: Mammoth Cave

C: Mesa Verde

D: Big Bend

4. Which of the following cities is located in the Tennessee River Basin?

A: Mobile, AL

B: Tuscaloosa, AL

C: Birmingham, AL

D: Huntsville, AL

5. Which of the following rivers flows through Wichita, Kansas?

A: Arkansas River

B: Missouri River

C: Mississippi River

D: Colorado River

6. Which of the following is the largest lake in Florida?

A: Lake Seminole

B: Lake George

C: Lake Okeechobee

D: Lake Kissimmee

7. The Badlands and Wind Cave National Parks are located in which state?

A: Montana

B: Wyoming

C: North Dakota

D: South Dakota

8. Lake of the Woods, shared with the Canadian States of Ontario and Manitoba, is located in which state?

A: Minnesota

B: New York

C: Michigan

D: North Dakota

9. Which of the following is NOT located in Utah?

A: Arches National Park

B: Great Sand Dunes National Park

C: Bryce Canyon National Park

D: Zion National Park

10. Which river forms the border between Kentucky and Indiana?

A: The Louisville River

B: The Ohio River

C: The Missouri River

D: The Cincinnati River