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Step 4: Save a Deletion

This section will walk you through the process of saving a deletion.

After clicking Delete, click the Save button in the top right corner. Then click Confirm in the pop-up window to finalize the deletion. 

Confirm deletion pop-up window for point representing We Care Med Transportation
After clicking Delete and then Save, we get a pop-up window asking us to confirm the deletion. In this case we are certain the point needs to be deleted, so we can click Confirm. If the Delete button was clicked on accident, then we would click Cancel to return to the editing window.


A greyed out point after confirming deletion
After confirming the deletion, the point becomes grayed out, and we’re taken to the edit history window for We Care Medical Transportation. Because all deletions will first need to be approved by either an Advanced Editor or USGS staff before being completely removed from the database, the edit history window will include a note stating that the point is deleted but pending approval. 


NOTE: If you notice that a point has been mistakenly deleted, you can undo the deletion:  


1. Open a point’s editing window 

2. Click on the Delete slider 

3. Save the point again.