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Aerial Imagery collected during unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS) operations in Massachusetts and Maine between March 2018 - September 2018

May 26, 2021

Low-altitude (80 and 100 meters above ground level) digital images were collected at Sage Lot Pond in Waquoit, Massachusetts, two sites on the Mill River in Taunton, MA, Great Marsh in Barnstable, MA, the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Wells, ME, and on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Quissett Campus in Woods Hole, MA using 3DR Solo unoccupied aircraft systems (UAS) during 2018. These images were collected to support science and data needs in wetland research, topographic mapping, and landcover detection at the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. The imagery and associated ground control points can be used to create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), orthoimages, and reflectance maps when post-processed using photogrammetry software. During imagery collection, each UAS was equipped with either a Ricoh GRII digital camera for natural color photos or a MicaSense RedEdge multi-spectral camera for five-banded imagery (blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared). Ground control points (GCPs) were deployed during imagery collection to improve the horizontal and vertical accuracy of the DEM, orthomosaic, and reflectance products, can be seen in many photos as black and white or grey and white checkered squares. GCP locations are recorded using wifi-enabled or survey-collected Real Time Kinematic Global Position System information. This data release includes the original images from the Ricoh and MicaSense camera as well as the GCPs needed to produce accurate photogrammetry products. Images from both cameras are not available for all surveys released here. Acquisition, equipment, and location information has been added to the image header using exchangeable image file format (exif). Ricoh camera images are released here as JPEGs, MicaSense images are TIFFs, and GCPs are in CSV format.