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Elizabeth A Pendleton

I am a geologist at the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. I am most interested in exploring the complexities, compounding, dependencies, and uncertainties that exist among climate and coastal hazards and landscape change. I rely on spatial analysis, mapping, and machine learning techniques to synthesize coastal datasets into decision support science and products

I am a project coordinator for the Future Landscape Adaptation and Coastal Change project, which provides user-focused, decision-support information through the integration of data and knowledge in multidisciplinary probabilistic frameworks and assessments. The Coastal Change Likelihood assessment is an effort that I lead within this project space that will supersede the popular but outdated Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI). This update incorporates technological updates and improvements in coastal data source quality, resolution, data processing, stakeholder engagement, and product usability.

I am also a USGS peer support worker (PSW). The training and learning opportunities that the PSW program provides has helped me, professionally and personally, from learning more inclusive language skills to recognizing the value of nuerodiversity and self-care.