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Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus content of adult emergent Diptera before and after a fire-storm sequence in the Colorado River near Shinumo Creek, Grand Canyon, AZ

November 14, 2020

This dataset includes total phosphorus (TP), total nitrogen (TN), and total carbon (TC) concentrations as well as δ15N and δ13C composition, and overall C:N:P stoichiometry for adult emergent Diptera from the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, AZ. The samples were collected before and after a fire and subsequent storm occurred in the Shinumo Watershed, a tributary to the Colorado River in Northern Arizona. Diptera specimens were collected via light traps placed on the banks of the Colorado River 25 miles above and 25 miles below Shinumo Creek (river miles 85-135) between 2013 and 2015. This data series contains Diptera TP concentrations (in mg P per mg Diptera) for 44 samples from 11 location/date combinations. We also report TN and TC concentrations (in mg TN or TC per mg Diptera) and δ15N and δ13C for 9 single samples. Average TC, TN, and TP concentrations were then compared for 8 date/location combinations to estimate C:N:P stoichiometry of Diptera samples.