Jeffrey D Muehlbauer, PhD

Jeff is a river and stream ecologist who specializes in macroinvertebrate communities and food webs. His research is focused on linking hydrological and geomorphic conditions in rivers to the structure of aquatic communities.


Jeff earned his BS in Biology and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University and his MS and PhD in Ecology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been involved in basic and applied research in a variety of river ecosystems worldwide, including dam removal in Fossil Creek, Arizona, wetland mitigation in North Carolina, and food web studies on the Danube River in Austria/Hungary/Serbia and glacially-fed rivers in Italy.

His current research with USGS explores how physical conditions created by the management of Glen Canyon Dam affect macroinvertebrate communities and food webs within the Colorado River Basin, its riparian zone, and its tributaries.

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