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Data Supporting Studies of Waterbird and Arctic Lake Ecosystems within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, 1974-1992

April 26, 2022

This data package presents raw legacy data collected during 1974-1992 on the Arctic Coastal Plain (primarily in the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska; NPR-A). The data were collected in support of a long-term multi-species wetland ecosystem study that aimed to provide an understanding of occurrence and densities of bird, mammal, fish, invertebrate, and plant species. The study included the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area (TLSA), as well as focused studies on individual lakes or regions within the special area, including: East Long Lake, West Long Lake, Goose Lake, Island Lake, Square Lake, Meade River (Singiluk), Point Storkersen, and Icy Cape. The study included 10 primary objectives: 1) complete daily weather records, 2) chart avian phenology, 3) census large and small bird species, 4) map bird nests and record success, 5) record caribou movements, 6) sample wetlands for aquatic macroinvertebrates, 7) establish a small mammal trapline, 8) observe activity and feeding habits of molting geese, 9) map vegetation trend plots for ground truth, and 10) record fox observations and den sites. Not all objectives were completed in all years and at all locations. The data are provided as digital scans (PDF format for documents and JPG format for photographs) of original field data sheets, notebooks, tables, figures, maps, and photographs (scanned film and slides). All data are organized in folders by topic and study site location. Since the data are in original form and were not digitized at the time of data collection, the data have not undergone formal Quality Assurance/Control Quality (QA/QC). Additional documentation of project field methods are limited for most years and locations of study, however, reports summarizing data collected at several locations are listed in the Cross Reference section. These are scanned originals and replications and some text may be illegible.