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Digital database of previously published subsurface unit tops from a 3D Model of the Anadarko Basin Province

April 12, 2023

This digital data release contains gridded elevation surfaces for twenty-six (26) subsurface horizons, a grid of the estimated thickness of strata eroded during the Cenozoic, and fault traces at the level of the Precambrian surface from a previously published 3D geologic model of the Anadarko Basin Province (Higley and others, 2014). In the original release of the 3D model, elevation surfaces were exported to a Zmap interchange file format, potentially limiting access to the data for users without access to specialized software. In this digital data release, elevation surfaces are provided in more readily accessible formats and modeled horizons are given more thorough stratigraphic descriptions than provided in the original model documentation. Within the AnadarkoBasin_Higley geodatabase, the GeologicMap feature dataset contains a line feature class (ContactsAndFaults) containing fault traces at the level of the Precambrian surface, a polyline representing the approximate Anadarko Basin boundary, and model area boundary digitized from the original publication; a polygon feature dataset (MapUnitPolys) with the approximate Anadarko Basin boundary and the model area boundary; and raster datasets for the 26 subsurface horizons and a single thickness grid representing the estimated eroded thickness of strata. Nonspatial tables define the data sources used (DataSources), define terms used in the dataset (Glossary), and provide a description of the modeled surfaces (DescriptionOfMapUnits) that provides the user with far greater stratigraphic detail than the original publication. Separate file folders contain the vector data in shapefile format, the raster data in ASCII and GeoTiff file formats, and the tables as comma-separated values file format. In addition, a tabular data dictionary describes the entity and attribute information for all attributes of the geospatial data and the accompanying nonspatial tables (EntityAndAttributes). Elevation surfaces exported from the 3D model in Zmap interchange file format and additional datasets are available through the original publication (Higley and others, 2014:

Publication Year 2023
Title Digital database of previously published subsurface unit tops from a 3D Model of the Anadarko Basin Province
DOI 10.5066/P9EY9IYX
Authors Kristine L Zellman, Donald Sweetkind
Product Type Data Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog
USGS Organization Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center