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Effects of fungal endophytes on invasive Phragmites australis (ssp. australis) performance in growth chamber and field experiments at the Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve (N 39.217, W −86.540) (2018)

April 25, 2022

These data tables contain data collections from field experiments of Phragmites australis (ssp. australis) treated with known fungal endophytes. Tiller counts, tiller diameter, and tiller height measurements were taken every two weeks over an eight-week study period. Clones of Phragmites plants were collected from three different locations: Sandusky, Michigan; Bloomington, Indiana; and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge near Oak Harbor, Ohio. Additionally, data collections from a similar experiment of Phragmites australis (ssp. australis) treated with known fungal endophytes performed in a growth chamber are included. Tiller numbers and tiller heights were measured every three weeks over 15 total weeks for the growth chamber experiment. Plants from both experiments were collected and processed to determine dry weights and fungal communities were sequenced. All sequence data were submitted to GenBank (NCBI Accession Numbers: OM26200-OM262384).