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Florida physiological and morphological data from wild and recently captive Python bivittatus 2018-2019

August 23, 2021

This dataset provides morphological and blood-derived physiological data from invasive Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) captured in Florida. Data were collected on pythons at capture in the field and in varying lengths of time in captivity. Samples were collected immediately at handling (baseline) and 1 hour post-restraint. Physiological data include circulating corticosterone hormone levels, functional immune assays, and blood cell counts. Also included is R code ( Python_captivity_capture_code.R ) to replicate analyses used in the publication "Scales of Stress: Effects of capture and captivity in an invasive snake". For reference, the following data files are relevant to each section of the corresponding manuscript: 1. Effects of different timescales of stressors: python_long.csv cellcountpart1.csv 2. Finer scale and non-linear relationships between metrics and captivity: python_wide.csv cellcountpart2.csv 3. Viral Infection Status: virus_data_full.csv