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Geochemistry of rocks and rock fabric data near the hanging wall contact to the Reef Package, Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA

June 10, 2022

The Reef Package is a sequence of coarse-grained cumulates that host the J-M Reef Pd-Pt deposit in the Stillwater Complex of Montana. The top of the Reef Package marks the top of economic-grade platinum-group element mineralization and is identified by a distinct change in rock fabric, from the coarse-grained rocks of the Reef Package to finer-grained cumulates in the hanging wall. This dataset tabulates whole-rock major, minor, and trace element geochemistry of rock samples collected from diamond drill holes that intersect the textural discontinuity at the top of the Reef Package from the underground working of the Stillwater Mine. The dataset also tabulates rock fabric data collected by electron backscatter diffraction of polished [...]