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Histochemical study of nitrogen-transfer endosymbiosis

September 7, 2022

Plant roots have the best-understood mutualisms with microbes, but leaf and bract cell endosymbiosis have not been previously reported. Leaf and bract cells of more than 30 species in 18 families of seed plants were surveyed for the presence of intracellular bacteria and several experiments were designed to find and analyze nutrient exchanges between bacteria and plant cells. This dataset contains the results of 1) histochemical analyses to detect hormones, superoxide, and nitrogenous chemicals around bacteria within plant leaf and bract cells, 2) experiments to assess the differential absorption of isotopic nitrogen into plants, and 3) genetic analysis of bacteria isolated from plant material.

Publication Year 2022
Title Histochemical study of nitrogen-transfer endosymbiosis
DOI 10.5066/P9H5K1MV
Authors April Micci, Qiuwei Zhang, Xiaoqian Chang, Kathryn Kingsley, Linsey Park, Peerapol Chiaranunt, Raquele Strickland, Fernando Velazquez, Sean Lindert, Matthew Elmore, Philip L Vines, Sharron Crane, Ivelisse Irizarry, Kurt P Kowalski, David Johnston-Monje, James F White
Product Type Data Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog
USGS Organization Great Lakes Science Center