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How Mallard and Gadwall Hens Nesting in Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Respond when Flushed (2015 - 2018)

December 28, 2021

This dataset describes responses to flushes by surveyors and predators for mallard and gadwall hens nesting on the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, Suisun Marsh, California in 2015 through 2018. It includes the start time and duration of recesses, as well as the cause of recess initiation and responses of hens to various trapping activities at the nest site.

These data support the following publication:
Croston, R., Hartman, C.A., Herzog, M.P., Peterson, S.H., Kohl, J.D., Overton, C.T., Feldheim, C.L., Casazza, M.L. and Ackerman, J.T., 2021. Interrupted incubation: How dabbling ducks respond when flushed from the nest. Ecology and Evolution.