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Humpback Chub (Gila cypha) and Rainbow Trout Joint Mark-Recapture Data and Model, Colorado River, Arizona

May 3, 2018

These data were compiled for a joint mark-recapture analysis of humpback chub and rainbow trout and include capture histories for both species, as well as environmental covariates associated with monthly time steps used to measure survival and growth and environmental covariates used to predict capture probability during each sampling trip. This worksheet also include parameter estimates and associated variance-covariance matrix from a prior analysis, which were combined with the output from the joint mark-recap analysis to predict equilibrium adult abundances under a variety of scenarios.

These data are associated with the journal manuscript: Yackulic, C.B., Korman, J., Yard, M.D., and Dzul, M.C., 2018, Inferring species interactions through joint mark-recapture analysis: Ecology (online)