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Mark-recapture data for a boreal toad metapopulation at the Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge, Montana (2003-2018)

November 19, 2020

From 2003-2018, USGS researchers and collaborators conducted mark-recapture studies of the boreal toad at the Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Montana, USA. The datasets included here contain information on individual toad capture history, body size, and disease status. These data were collected annually over the 16-year period at up to 11 breeding sites per year on the refuge. We include datasets for (1) male toad captures over time, (2) female toad captures over time, (3) male disease status (tested - positive or negative, or not tested in a given year), (4) all toad length and weight data over time, and (5) male toad size and body condition over time.