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Remotely sensed bathymetry and field measurements from the Colorado River near Lees Ferry, Arizona, September 23, 2019

January 29, 2021

To support an investigation of the feasibility of measuring river bathymetry using a polarizing lidar sensor, lidar and field measurements were collected on the Colorado River near Lees Ferry, Arizona on September 23, 2019. This parent data release includes links to child pages for the following data sets: 1) Lidar data used for mapping channel bathymetry (depth), acquired with a novel instrument that was developed by ASTRALiTe to distinguish between returns from the water surface and riverbed based on the polarization of laser pulses. 2) Field-based sonar surveys of bed topography used to evaluate the bathymetric mapping capabilities of the ASTRALiTe lidar. 3) Field-based measurements with instruments used to characterize optical properties of the water column.

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