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Stream habitat and geomorphic characteristics above and below culverts at selected sites in South Carolina (2017)

April 25, 2019

This dataset contains six individual tabular data files. These tabular data files contain measurements of aquatic habitat features and stream channel geomorphology from 20 sites in the Piedmont and Upper Coastal Plain physiographic regions of South Carolina. Specifically, the dataset titled "bedform_slope" contains enumeration of occurrence of bedforms, or macro-habitat features, and streambed and culvert bottom slopes. The dataset titled "culvert_characteristics" contains measurements and descriptions of the culverts. The dataset titled "large_woody_debris" contains measurements and classification of individual pieces of wood included in the assessment. The dataset titled "site_level_information" contains location information for the study site and naming conventions between different databases. The dataset titled "streambed_particle_size" contains measurements of individual bed sediment particles. The dataset titled "transect_scale_data" contains measurements that occurred at 22 transects at each site. Measurements included: stream channel width and depth, streamflow velocity, canopy cover, and other categorical observations.