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Stephen Walsh, Ph.D.

Stephen Walsh is a retired Research Fish Biologist with USGS-WARC in Gainesville, Florida. 

Stephen's primary expertise is in the general fields of ichthyology and fish biology, with secondary expertise in aquatic ecology and ecophysiology. Most of his research has been focused in lotic and estuarine systems throughout the Southeast. Additionally, he has conducted research in the Neotropics, Africa, and Micronesia. His research interests include conservation biology and biodiversity of aquatic organisms; ecology and environmental physiology of fishes and aquatic invertebrates; evolution, systematics, and zoogeography of temperate and tropical freshwater, estuarine, and inshore marine fishes; reproductive biology and physiology of lower vertebrates; life-history strategies.


Ph.D., University of Florida

M.A., Southern Illinois University

B.A., Saint Louis University


Professional Experience

1991-2021, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey

1986-1990, Florida Museum of Natural History



School of Forest Resources and Conservation, Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Florida (Courtesy Assistant Professor, 2005-present); Florida Museum of Natural History (Courtesy Associate Curator in Ichthyology, 1992-present); Department of Biology, University of Florida (Courtesy Assistant Professor, 1996-present). Served on 13 graduate student committees (University of Florida; University of Southern Mississippi; Southern Illinois University, Valdosta State University).