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Tule Greater White-fronted Goose Migration Tracks (2019-2020) and Atmospheric Smoke Concentrations (2020).

December 23, 2021

April through May (spring) and August through September (fall) locations for tule greater white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons elgasi) marked with GPS collars at Summer Lake Wildlife Area, OR in 2018 and 2019. Locations may include pre-migration and post-migration designations. Locations occurring between September 11, 2020, and arrival at, or within 50 kilometers of the Summer Lake Wildlife Area stopover location also provided with elevation information and smoke concentrations derived from the experimental HRRR-Smoke model. Median predicted smoke concentrations extrapolated from ground level through 5,000 meters also provided.

These data supports the following publication:
Overton, C.T., Lorenz, A.A., James, E.P., Ahmadov, R., Eadie, J.M., McDuie, F., Petrie, M.J., Nicolai, C.A., Weaver, M.L., Skalos, D.A. and Skalos, S.M., 2021. Megafires and thick smoke portend big problems for migratory birds. Ecology, p.e03552.