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Zooplankton, Benthos, Mysis, and fish diet data from northern Lake Huron in 2012

December 16, 2021

These data consist of a multi-trophic, day vs. night, nearshore to offshore transect approach for data collection for this Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative effort at two northwestern Lake Huron sites near Hammond Bay and Thunder Bay, Michigan. Zooplankton and Mysis samples were collected monthly from April-October while benthos and prey fish samples were collected seasonally during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Invertebrate taxa (zooplankton, Mysis, benthic macroinvertebrates) were identified, enumerated, and measured using a dissecting microscope. Diet items of the prey fish were processed similarly to the other samples in terms of taxonomy. These data were used to calculate densities of fish prey items and compare that to what the fishes ate for selectivity analysis. The data are in raw form.

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