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September 19, 2023

From September 19-22, the Fort Collins Science Center is hosting the 2023 SyncroSim User Conference.

The conference is designed for researchers, data scientists, policy makers, and anyone interested in applying cutting-edge simulation modeling techniques to support decisions for complex ecological systems and highlights work in the field using the SyncroSim software platform.

FORT scientist Catherine Jarnevich is co-hosting the conference with ApexRMS (software developer) and will present on a new opensource SyncroSim package (WISDM) for developing and visualizing species distribution models. Additionally, FORT scientists Elizabeth Orning and Bryan Tarbox will be presenting at the conference on two SyncroSim built simulation models for sagebrush habitat restoration and invasive annual grass management. Learn more about their presentations: 

  • Introducing WISDM, the workbench for integrated species distribution modeling. Jarnevich, C.S., S. Pearman-Gillman, B.W. Miller, A. Ciocco, P. Engelstad, J. Morisette, M. Oldfather, L. Frid. Contact for details. Abstract.
  • Using recent advances in state-and-transition simulation modeling to evaluate the scope of post-fire restoration required to recover habitat for greater sage-grouse. Orning, E.K., J.A. Heinrichs, D.A. Pyke, P.S. Coates, C.L. Aldridge. Contact for details. Abstract.
  • Simulating long-term costs and effectiveness of sagebrush conservation strategies for invasive annual grass. B.C. Tarbox, E.K. Orning, C.S. Jarnevich, C.L. Aldridge, J.R. Meldrum. Contact for details. Abstract.

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