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Software is provided for scientific analyses of data about Pennsylvania's water resources.

Interactive PHREEQ-N-AMDTreat+REYs water-quality modeling tools to evaluate potential attenuation of rare-earth elements and associated dissolved constituents by aqueous-solid equilibrium processes (software download)

Software utilizing PHREEQC with user interface. The PHREEQ-N-AMDTreat+REYs geochemical modeling tools have the fundamental capability to simulate and predict key reactions related to the treatment of acid mine drainage and the formation of treatment solids, including the adsorption of rare-earth elements plus yttrium (REYs) onto hydrous iron, aluminum, and manganese oxides. These new tools were e

Interactive PHREEQ-N-Titration-PO4-Adsorption water-quality modeling tools to evaluate potential attenuation of phosphate and associated dissolved constituents by aqueous-solid equilibrium processes (software download)

Two complementary executable water-quality modeling tools (CausticTitration_PO4mg.exe, CausticTitration_PO4moles.exe) simulate equilibrium processes that may attenuate dissolved concentrations of phosphate (PO4) plus associated concentrations of iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), calcium (Ca), and sulfate (SO4) as pH and other solution characteristics change during titration with a caustic


USGS developed, in cooperation with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, “user-friendly” aqueous geochemical modeling tools to simulate changes in water quality during passive and active treatment of acid mine drainage.

Interactive PHREEQ-N-AMDTreat Water-Quality Modeling Tools to Evaluate Performance and Design of Treatment Systems for Acid Mine Drainage (software download)

The PHREEQ-N-AMDTreat aqueous geochemical modeling tools described herein simulate changes in pH and solute concentrations resulting from passive and active treatment of acidic or alkaline mine drainage (AMD). The “user-friendly” interactive tools, which are publicly available software, utilize PHREEQC equilibrium aqueous and surface speciation models and kinetics models for O2 ingassing and CO2

Wellfootprint - A Map App for Visualizing Groundwater Withdrawals

Wellfootprint computes a raster map of groundwater withdrawals relative to a user-defined "Depth-Rate Index" (DRI), such as a recharge rate. Dividing each well's withdrawal rate by the length per time DRI yields an area for display for each well's 'footprint' as a circle around each well. Symbols for closely spaced wells are merged to visualize the combined withdrawals eq

The Pennsylvania Baseline Streamflow Estimator (BaSE)

Estimation of Baseline Daily Mean Streamflows for Ungaged Locations on Pennsylvania Streams, Water Years 1960–2008

The Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET)

The Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET) estimates baseline and altered streamflow at a daily time step for ungaged stream locations in the Delaware River Basin for water years 1960-2010.

Water-Analysis Screening Tool (WAST)

Water-Analysis Screening Tool (WAST): A Tool for Assessing Available Water Resources in Relation to Aquatic-Resource Uses