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The 1964 Tsunami in Valdez, Alaska

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

This is a remarkable film of the underwater landslide and tsunami at Valdez, Alaska, taken during the 1964 Great Alaska earthquake. 

It has never been seen before in its correct sequence. There is no other film that we are aware of that shows the formation of a large submarine landslide.

It helps scientists understand the origin of these processes. From a human perspective, it is also valuable in that it helps us understand how people respond to earthquakes. 

Scientists hope to use the understanding of how the Valdez landslide developed to recognize the potential for similar landslides elsewhere, with the aim of reducing future loss of life and property.




Video is Public Domain if view in it's entirety. 
“Lay Down with Me” by Hanna Lindgren and “Shadows Unseen” by DEX 1200, used with permission from Epidemic Sound.