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LCMAP products will be made available through EarthExplorer. For help downloading or using LCMAP products, contact Customer Service at the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center. 

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Geographer Roger Auch 605-594-6086
Research Physical Scientist Christopher Barber, PhD 605-594-2612
Research Geographer Jesslyn Brown 605-594-6003
Physical Scientist Suming Jin, Ph.D. 605-594-2912
Research Geographer Jennifer Rover 605-594-2761
Physical Scientist Kristi Sayler 605-594-6058
Research Physical Scientist Terry Sohl 605-594-6537
Research Physical Scientist Heather Tollerud 605-594-2547
Research Physical Scientist George Xian 605-594-2599