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The Klamath Falls Field Station is in Klamath Falls, Oregon in south central Oregon. The field station is conveniently located to conduct research throughout the Klamath Basin and in desert regions of north east California and in Nevada.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Fish Biologist John M Caldwell 541-273-8689
Administrative Assistant Meaghan Cheney 541-273-8689
Ext: 210
Fish Biologist Brian Hayes 541-273-8689
Ext: 201
Deputy Center Director Eric Janney 541-273-8689
Ext: 202
Research Fish Biologist Jacob Krause, Ph.D. 541-273-8689
IT Specialist (Customer Support) Tyler D. Lown
Fish Biologist Carolyn Malecha 541-273-8689
Fish Biologist Barbara Martin 541-273-8689
Ext: 216
Biological Science Technician Rachael Paul-Wilson 541-273-8689