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Parasite collection and teaching slides

MMFS Leader providing lecture to AK native students
Marrowstone Marine Field Station Leader, Dr. Paul Hershberger provides an impromptu lecture to Alaska native students at the Ridgeway School in Sitka, AK, describing the ecology of diseases in Pacific herring. Credit: USGS, WFRC (Public domain.)

Parasite Collection

A collection of parasites, including representatives from >100 genera is maintained at the Marrowstone Marine Field Station (MMFS).  Currently the collection consists of representatives from fish, amphibian, reptilian, mammalian, and avian hosts and includes representatives of parasitic arthropods, trematodes (monogenean and digeneans), cestodes, acanthocephalons, and nematodes.  Specimens date to 1933.  The parasite collection is maintained as a teaching and research resource at the MMFS and is available for use by other researchers.  Please contact the MMFS Station Leader if you are interested in working with specimens from the collection.

Teaching Slides

The fish health community was saddened with a tragic loss early in the morning of January 2, 2004 when an avalanche took the lives of Drs. Marsha Landolt and Robert Busch, both active leaders in the fish health community.  Dr. Landolt was the Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Washington, Vice Provost at the UW, and former Director of the School of Fisheries - UW (where she taught fish disease from 1975-1996).  Through a generous contribution from the Landolt family, researchers at the Marrowstone Marine Field Station acquired the collection of fish disease teaching slides used by Dr. Landolt during her tenure at SOF.  These slides have been digitized and are available as a teaching resource; please contact the Marrowstone Marine Field Station Leader if you are interested in acquiring copies of these slides.