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Below you will find a detailed break down of all analysis and prices for the NMWSC Sediment Lab. 


                                                                        New Mexico WSC Sediment Lab - FY24 Price List

                                                                   *Effective 3/2024 - Prices include overhead already applied

Suspended Sediment Analysis
Concentration (Filtration-low sediment/Evaporation-high sediment)   $39.36
Sand Fine Break (Filtration/Evaporation-includes concentration)   $67.62
Sand Analyses (includes concentration and sand fine break)  
*Prices below include a base set-up fee of $48.47  
          V.A. (Visual Accumulation Tube) or Wet Sieve Method (Grains Only)  $137.46
Fine Material Analyses (5pt. fine sizes-includes concentration and sand fine break)  
*Prices below include a base set-up fee of $48.47  
          Full Size (five-point pipet, concentration, and grain analysis) $267.24
          Fines Only $210.27


Bed Material and Bedload Analyses
*Prices below include a base set-up fee of $67.80  
Sand Analyses (includes sand fine break)  
          Bed Material/Bed Load Dry Sieve (grains only)                                                         $167.03
          Bed Material/Bed Load Sand Fine Break  $142.63
Fine Material Analyses  
          Full Size (Dry Sieve, five-point pipet, and grain analysis)  $298.42


Additional Charges and Analysis
Composite Bottles  $15.91
Dissolved Solids (add-on)  $37.32
Hydrogen Peroxide/Algae removal (add-on per sample, for heavy organic/algae samples)   $7.65
Loss on Ignition (price per reporting level)  $30.67
Non-Standard Containers (each container)  $32.50
Un-Tared Bottle   $11.70
Metal Free Washing Fee (per sample)  $39.54
Bottle Wash Fee (applied to bottles with extensive staining)   $11.70
Suspended Heavy fine material (per sample)  $45.89
Bed Heavy fine material (per sample) $148.37
Bed Material or Bedload Samples (requiring multiple splits to run, fee per additional hour)   $43.58
Conductance (per sample)   $16.21
Bulk Density  $64.93
Water Potential Set-Up Fee   $73.04
          Water Potential (per sample)   $17.05
Soil Moisture Set-Up Fee   $36.71
          Soil Moisture (per sample)   $17.05


Prices listed above are for standard analyses. Charges for samples requesting special handling or procedures, including rush
samples, will be determined on a case by case with pre‐approval of the lab chief. Shipping/handling of bottles and containers
will be charged to the originating Cost Center’s FedEx ground account.

*New instrumentation coming soon (FY24). Laser Diffraction and Pario (digital hydrometer). These two devices will provide
you with fine particle analysis. These do not currently have approved method codes for NWIS. Our lab will be working on
getting these methods approved. Please contact the lab for further information.

*Prices are effective October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024 and are subject to change.