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Below you will find instructions on submission, links to the online submission form, and the form-fillable PDF version of the NM Sediment Lab SLAR.

Online Submission and Tools 

The New Mexico Sediment Lab now offers online submission of SLARs (internal only) compatible with any SLAR in any format (Word, PDF, photo, etc.), as well as a form-fillable SLAR that can be submitted directly from the PDF, eliminating the need to print and send a paper SLAR with your samples.


Online Submission Instructions 

PDF SLAR (link

The NM SedLab SLAR is a form-fillable PDF with easy submit online functionality (internal only) built in and does not require a printed form to be included with any of the coolers in the shipment. 

  1. Download the NM SedLab SLAR from the link above, or in Forms. 

  2. Fill out your SLAR as normal, pressing tab will navigate the cursor row-wise through required fields. 

  3. Verify you are connected via VPN or office network. 

  4. If submitting more than one site/SLAR for a shipment, click the Save/Print SLAR button on the bottom right, this pulls up a print menu, and select Adobe PDF as the printer.  Save the SLAR in the format siteNo_dateSubmitted_stateCode (ex. 08330000_20221001_NM). 

  5. If submitting only one SLAR or you are finished saving SLARs, click the Save SLAR and Send to NM button on the bottom right, and save the file as described in step 4. 

  6. After saving, a browser tab will open to the online submission form (link), answer the two questions, and upload all the SLARs associated with this shipment. 

  7. Click Submit, this will record your responses and files, sending them directly to the NM Sed Lab, no need to print a SLAR and include with the coolers, simply write on the shipping label the date submitted and the number of coolers (ex. Submitted 10/1/22 – 1 of 3) and we will be able to match the form submissions to coolers. 


Online Form (link

If you submit samples through QWDX/SedLOGIN or record information on paper SLARs in the field, you can still use the online form to submit SLARs, it accepts PDF, Word, Excel, and images as uploads.   

Simply click on the link above, answer the two questions and upload any SLARs you have and record the date submitted and cooler number on the shipping label, you do not need to include a printed SLAR with these samples as long as the forms are submitted online. 

For online submissions using the NM SLAR, no paper SLAR needs to be sent with the cooler(s), simply note somewhere on the shipping label how many coolers in the shipment (ex. 1 of 3), and the date you submitted the SLAR. For QWDX/SedLOGIN submissions we still require a printed (paper or PDF) SLAR to be submitted via the online form, emailed, or printed and mailed with the cooler. 


Tips and Training

Reach out to us at for help with submissions, training or other needs. 

Tips for faster sample turnaround times 

  • Use QWDX/SedLOGIN to log your samples in and modify the project to set NM as your sediment lab and it will send the sample information directly to us (we still require a SLAR but the one generated by SedLOGIN is perfectly fine). We are available to help with training on this as well, just let us know. 

  • Ensure bottles are packed tightly in coolers, upright, and organized similar to how they are entered in the SLAR(s), usually organized by station. 

  • For bed material and bank samples, samples weighing more than around 250 g require additional handling. 

  • Print out a return shipping label and enclose either with the shipping label or in a Ziplock bag inside the cooler. 


We offer support and training on many aspects of sample submission, including, but not limited to 

  • QWDX/SedLOGIN use 

  • SedLOGIN integration with SedFF and Superfly 

  • We are working on developing a sediment-friendly spreadsheet SLAR/SedLOGIN that will facilitate easier sample submissions to any sediment lab without manual entry in SedLOGIN. Contact us for information.