Reston Microbiology Laboratory


The Reston Microbiology Laboratory (RML) is a research and fee-for-service laboratory in the USGS Water Mission Area. The lab conducts research in the fields of microbial ecology, geomicrobiology, biogeochemistry, and the hydrologic sciences.


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Year Published: 2017

Detection of diazotrophy in the acetylene-fermenting anaerobe Pelobacter sp. strain SFB93

Acetylene (C2H2) is a trace constituent of the present Earth's oxidizing atmosphere, reflecting a mixture of terrestrial and marine emissions from anthropogenic, biomass-burning, and unidentified biogenic sources. Fermentation of acetylene was serendipitously discovered during C2H2 block assays of N2O reductase, and Pelobacter acetylenicus was...

Akob, Denise M.; Baesman, Shaun; Sutton, John M.; Fierst, Janna L.; Mumford, Adam; Shrestha, Yesha; Poret-Peterson, Amisha T.; Bennett, Stacy; Dunlap, Darren S.; Haase, Karl B.; Oremland, Ronald S.
Akob, D. M.; Baesman, S. M.; Sutton, J. M.; Fierst, J. L.; Mumford, A. C.; Shrestha, Y.; Poret-Peterson, A. T.; Bennett, S.; Dunlap, D. S.; Haase, K. B.; Oremland, R. S., (2017) Detection of diazotrophy in the acetylene-fermenting anaerobe Pelobacter sp. strain SFB93. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 83(17): e01198-17, 10.1128/aem.01198-17.

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Year Published: 2017

Microbially mediated barite dissolution in anoxic brines

Fluids injected into shale formations during hydraulic fracturing of black shale return with extraordinarily high total-dissolved-solids (TDS) and high concentrations of barium (Ba) and radium (Ra). Barite, BaSO4, has been implicated as a possible source of Ba as well as a problematic mineral scale that forms on internal well surfaces, often in...

Ouyang, Bingjie; Akob, Denise M.; Dunlap, Darren S.; Renock, Devon
Ouyang, B., D. M. Akob, D. S. Dunlap, and D. Renock. 2017. Microbially mediated barite dissolution in anoxic brines. Applied Geochemistry, 76: 51-59.

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Year Published: 2016

Environmental drivers of differences in microbial community structure in crude oil reservoirs across a methanogenic gradient

Stimulating in situ microbial communities in oil reservoirs to produce natural gas is a potentially viable strategy for recovering additional fossil fuel resources following traditional recovery operations. Little is known about what geochemical parameters drive microbial population dynamics in biodegraded, methanogenic oil reservoirs. We...

Shelton, Jenna L.; Akob, Denise M.; McIntosh, Jennifer C.; Fierer, Noah; Spear, John R.; Warwick, Peter D.; McCray, John E.
Shelton, J. L., Akob, D. M., McIntosh, J. C., Fierer, N., Spear, J. R., Warwick, P. D., & McCray, J. E. (2016). Environmental Drivers of Differences in Microbial Community Structure in Crude Oil Reservoirs across a Methanogenic Gradient. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7.