Spectroscopy Lab


The Spectroscopy Lab has developed a number of software tools and packages that are of general and specific use in remote-sensing imaging and spectroscopic analysis.

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Date published: October 20, 2011

Processing Routines in IDL for Spectroscopic Measurements (PRISM)

USGS Processing Routines in IDL for Spectroscopic Meausres (PRISM) software provides a framework to conduct spectroscopy analysis of measurements made by spectrometers. PRISM functions allows users to compare spectra of materials of unknown composition with reference spectra of known materials.

Date published: August 3, 2008

View_SPECPR: Software for Plotting Spectra

The View_SPECPR software system plots spectra stored in SPECPR (SPECtrum Processing Routines) files.

Date published: September 8, 1993

SPECtrum Processing Routines (SPECPR)

SPECPR is an Interactive One Dimensional Array Processing System, with the tools needed for reflectance spectroscopy analysis. It also has tools to do a lot of other tasks and analyses of x,y paried data.