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The Spectroscopy Lab has developed a number of software tools and packages that are of general and specific use in remote-sensing imaging and spectroscopic analysis.

Processing Routines in IDL for Spectroscopic Measurements (PRISM)

USGS Processing Routines in IDL for Spectroscopic Meausres (PRISM) software provides a framework to conduct spectroscopy analysis of measurements made by spectrometers. PRISM functions allows users to compare spectra of materials of unknown composition with reference spectra of known materials.

View_SPECPR: Software for Plotting Spectra

The View_SPECPR software system plots spectra stored in SPECPR (SPECtrum Processing Routines) files.

SPECtrum Processing Routines (SPECPR)

SPECPR is an Interactive One Dimensional Array Processing System, with the tools needed for reflectance spectroscopy analysis. It also has tools to do a lot of other tasks and analyses of x,y paried data.