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March 18, 2022

As reported earlier this week, the Landsat 9 Thermal Infrared Sensor experienced an issue with the on-board software on March 12, 2022 (DOY 071) and thermal infrared data acquisitions were suspended temporarily.  

Following up to our March 14, 2022 Landsat Missions Headline

Starting late Friday March 18, 2022, thermal infrared imaging will resume; however, all Landsat 9 data acquired over the weekend will be held until the week of March 21st to allow the Landsat Calibration/Validation team to evaluate the thermal infrared data and determine if combined Landsat 9 products (LC09-containing data from the OLI and TIRS sensor) can be generated.

Additional information relating to Landsat 9 thermal infrared data acquisitions will be posted after the data evaluation has completed. 


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