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January 12, 2024

Landsat 8 products generated from data acquired January 1, 2024, to January 6, 2024, are being reprocessed to correct an issue within the radiometric parameters that were applied during a recent Landsat 8 Calibration Parameter File (CPF) update.

Landsat 8 Level-1 scene reprocessed with updated Calibration Parameter file
This image, displaying a small area of the Sea of Okhotsk shoreline, is one of over 4,000 Landsat 8 Level-1 scenes that were acquired between January 1 and January 6, 2024, and reprocessed on January 12, 2024 with an updated Calibration Parameter file. 
Landsat 8 Product Identifier: LC08_L1TP_112019_20240106_20240112_02_T2.

In the Landsat 8 CPF initially released for Quarter 1, 2024, it was discovered that an incorrect gain change impacted the coastal aerosol Band 1 by approximately 0.3 percent and the blue Band 2 by approximately 0.1 percent. To correct this gain, a new CPF was issued, which then required the reprocessing of data acquired from January 1, 2024 (DOY 001) 00:00:00 UTC through January 6, 2024 (DOY 006) at 14:31:44 UTC

The reprocessing of 4,272 impacted Landsat 8 Level-1 products began Friday, January 12, 2024. Level-2, U.S. Analysis Ready Data, and Level-3 science product generation will be propagated by the completion of each Level-1 product.  

Newly generated products replace those already visible on EarthExplorer and other USGS data access sources and include an updated processing date in the Product Identifier (bolded in the caption of the image on this page). Users are encouraged to double check the processing date of Landsat 8 scenes acquired from January 1st to January 6th to ensure the most recent data are being used. 

Please contact USGS Customer Services with any questions about this announcement.  


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