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July 13, 2022

Fifty-eight Landsat 8 scenes acquired from WRS-2 Paths 95, 111, and 127 from May 17, 2022 (DOY137) were reprocessed on July 12, 2022.

A one-time issue with commanding of the Landsat 8 spacecraft and instruments caused larger than expected offsets within the geodetic accuracy of the image products that did not allow the data to correctly process to a precision corrected Level-1 (L1TP) product. The scenes that were impacted by this issue were reprocessed with the appropriate processing parameters to account for this unexpected offset and are now available as L1TPs.

As a result, reprocessing of the Level-1 data will propagate through to all Collection 2 Level-2 products for the same period. These scenes will become available on all USGS data access portals upon successful completion.

The USGS recommends that users consider replacing any already downloaded Landsat 8 data and subsequently derived products from May 17, 2022, with these newly reprocessed data products. Please note, the Product ID contains the most recent processing date that will facilitate identification of all scenes included in this reprocessing effort. 

For a list of reprocessed scenes, please visit the Landsat Collection 2 Reprocessing Events web page.  

Please contact EROS Customer Services with any questions about this reprocessing effort or the resulting data and products.

For more information about processing levels visit Landsat Levels of Processing


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