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Map and interpretation of aeromagnetic data for the Wild Rogue Wilderness, Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon

January 1, 1994

The Wild Rogue Wilderness is located in Coos and Curry Counties, southwestern Oregon and covers part of the Bone Mountain, Marial, and Agness 15-minute quadrangles (fig. 1). It is an elongate area 19 mi by 1 to 3 mi (31 km by 1.3 to 5 km) and covers approximately 35,818 acres extending from the town of Agness to Mount Bolivar.

The mapped geology of the Wild Rogue Wilderness (Gray and others, 1982) consists of a tectonic wedge of volcanic and intrusive rocks of Jurassic age surrounded on all sides by thick sequences of Jurassic, Creacetous, and Tertiary sedimentary rocks. Normally, volcanic and intrusive rocks are more magnetic than sedimentary rocks, a property which should be reflected by the areomagnetic data. We conclude, however, that most of the magnetic anomalies of the Wild Rogue Wilderness are caused by magnetic rocks that are not exposed but which occur at relatively shallow depth below the topographic surface.