Algal bloom magnitude in Florida lakes

Cyanobacteria Bloom Magnitude Estimated for Florida and Ohio Lakes

Detailed Description

(A). Algal bloom magnitude in Florida lakes in 2011 before normalization and (B) after normalization by lake surface area. Area-normalized magnitude (km−2) of selected lakes provided as part of bar labels in parenthesis. Bar height and color are proportional to annual bloom magnitude (in A) and annual area-normalized magnitude (in B). The width of the bars is proportional to the lake surface area. Note that the color bars are log-scaled.


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Location Taken: US


Figure from Mishra, S., Stumpf, R.P., Schaeffer, B.A. et al. Measurement of Cyanobacterial Bloom Magnitude using Satellite Remote Sensing. Sci Rep 9, 18310 (2019). published December 4, 2019 in Scientific Reports.