Computer model projection

Map of a city area with an airport, on the coast, with a narrow barrier island, and lines drawn to show potential change.

Detailed Description

Map shows flooding and shoreline change projections in the Imperial Beach area of southern San Diego County, CA, from the ARkStorm scenario.
ARkStorm: Initial evaluations of the CoSMoS model were performed as part of the USGS Multihazards Demonstration Project (Porter and others, 2011). A team of atmospheric scientists with expertise in west coast storms used information from two powerful west coast storms in 1969 and 1986 to simulate an extreme storm event with a recurrence interval of at least 100 years (Dettinger and others, 2011). This extreme winter scenario, entitled “ARkStorm,” provided a time-series of wind and atmospheric pressure fields that served as boundary conditions for the CoSMoS model.


Image Dimensions: 1600 x 1094

Location Taken: CA, US