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Ichthyologist Coloring Page - Tools of the Trade

Detailed Description

This illustration is for an Ichthyologist coloring page. This coloring page can easily be added to lesson plans for students in science classes. 

On this coloring page, title "Tools of the Trade", it shows two scientists (one male, one female) wading in shin-high water. The male scientist is holding a net and the female scientist has a shocking wand (anode) in the water. The scientists are both wearing polarized sunglasseslife jacketswaders, and rubber gloves. The female scientist is carrying a backpack electrofisher and a shocker tail (cathode) hangs down from the backpack. At the top of this coloring page a thought bubble appears from the female scientist's head and inside the bubble shows two hands holding a small fish above a weight scale and a ruler. At the bottom of the page the term Ichthyologist appears.


Public Domain.