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Limestone in Miami with indication of sea level during the last interg

Detailed Description

Paleo-sea level = 7.5 meters (top of shoal) + 1.0 meter (depth for ooids) = 8.5 meters above present

Another type of sea level record in Florida is from limestones composed of ooids, tiny, egg-shaped grains of sand that precipitate from sea water inorganically. Shallow areas where ooids form at present in the Bahamas are typically in water about 1 meter deep. Thus, here in downtown Miami, Florida, the Miami Limestone (composed of ooids) is found at an elevation of about 7.5 meters above sea level. It has also been dated to the last interglacial period, ~120,000 years ago (isotope stage 5). When this elevation is added to the typical depth of formation of ooids (1 meter of water), we infer a past sea level of about 8.5 meters above present, very similar to the Florida Keys coral reef record.


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