ROSETTA-Ice Flight Plan Map

ROSETTA-Ice Flight Plan Map

Detailed Description

ROSETTA-Ice Flight Plan Map location and airborne survey coverage. Colors north of the Ross Ice Shelf indicate seafloor bathymetry from Bedmap2 compilation. Figure 1b from Tinto and others, 2019,


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Location Taken: AQ


Figure 1b from
Tinto, K.J., Padman, L., Siddoway, C.S., Springer, S.R., Fricker, H.A., Das, I., Caratori Tontini, F., Porter, D.F., Frearson, N.P., Howard, S.L., Siegfried, M.R., Mosbeux, C., Becker, M.K., Bertinato, C., Boghosian, A., Brady, N., Burton, B.L., Chu, W., Cordero, S.I., Dhakal, T., Dong, L., Gustafson, C.D., Keeshin, S., Locke, C., Lockett, A., O’Brien, G., Spergel, J.J., Starke, S.E., Tankersley, M., Wearing, M.G., and Bell, R.E., 2019, Ross Ice Shelf response to climate driven by the tectonic imprint on seafloor bathymetry: Nature Geoscience, published online 27 May 2019,