Samoa photos

Four photos showing tsunami sand deposit, tsunami beach scour, coral debris, and a boulder on a grassy field.

Detailed Description

Photos from USGS geologist Bruce Richmond in Samoa in October, 2009, following the September 29 earthquake and tsunami.

A: East coast, Aleipata. Low-lying coastal plain with about 300 m inundation was measured. We followed a distinct tsunami sand unit for over 225 m at 25 m trench-spacing intervals. At this site 8 cm of tsunami sand (3 layers of carbonate/basalt sand couplets) are capped by 4 cm of tsunami mud.

B: Southeast coast, Lalomanu, Lepa District. Steep coast with abundant evidence of strong return flow. Prominent back beach scarp (up to about 2 m). Note blue concrete pillars from beach fale oriented offshore.

C: Southeast coast, Siumu. Shallow embayment on southeast coast. Coral fragments of Acropora species (?) on lower beach face.

D: Southeast coast, Siumu. A large boulder (245 x 195 x 70 cm) moved from coastal armoring and deposited inland about 60 m.


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