Whiskey Creek section of Whiskeytown Lake

Photo of a calm creek with a small sandbar in the middle, creek is surrounded by trees burned by a wildfire.

Detailed Description

In the aftermath of the 2018 Carr Fire, northern California, sediment has eroded from burned hillslopes and accumulated in some areas of Whiskeytown Lake. A recent sediment deposit is shown here in the Whiskey Creek section of the lake. USGS scientists study landscape evolution after fires and storm rainfall to determine how intensively these disturbances impact affected areas and for how long.


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Location Taken: Whiskeytown, CA, US


Landscape Response to Disturbance
This project characterizes and measures sediment-related effects of landscape disturbances (such as major storms, drought, or wildfire) and river management. We focus primarily on the U.S. west coast, and our work relates to natural hazards and resource management.